Fall Fashion

Out of all the four seasons, I would say Fall is my favorite. Have you ever really heard anyone complain about Fall? Well not really! It's usually "it's too cold" during winter seasons or "it's so hot and humid" during summer seasons. Fall is that "it's just right" season. That's not the only reason why I love Fall, but when the leaves start to turn into different colours, it's just so beautiful. So here it is, the first look, a casual everyday street style. 

For our second look, I wanted to have more of a high fashion-editorial-edgy feel. What do you guys think? 


I just want to give a big shoutout and thank you to the amazing team that worked with me for this creative shoot! Show them some love and follow their Instagram.

Hair by Melanie - @melanie.dyson / Photos by Kailey - @kaileybirk / Model - Arianne - @arigular / Model - Christine - @chrisverdis